Scandinavia is great, but other places are too. If you are doing work in that part of the world and need young, hip people doing interesting things for your renderings, head on over to Skalgubbar. If you're working in South or Central America, check out the entourage at Escala Latina.

NONSCANDINAVIA is an open-source project for the rest of the world.

We believe that renderings reflect our aspirations as architects, and that our decisions about representation matter. Renderings should reflect the people in and around the site, and should project a future that values diversity and acceptance of all people. The goal of NONSCANDINAVIA is to give young architects and students access to a database of free, high-res, PNG images that reflect diversity in all its forms. 

You can participate in three ways. First, use these images. Share them, spread them around, tell your friends. Second, get involved by submitting your own images. You can do so on the submit page, or by emailing Third, check out the discussion page and let us know how you think we can grow and improve this project.

NONSCANDINAVIA is a project organized by A-Frame, a student group operating out of the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation at Columbia University. Our mission is to build a space for students to engage collectively and critically with the social, economic, and political issues that frame the fields of architecture and development.