A-Frame critically investigates the social, economic, and political issues that frame the fields of architecture and development. As it is currently practiced, architecture reproduces a condition of precarity that undermines the social goals of the profession and the stability of its practitioners. In response, the group has organized panel discussions, workshops, and publications on entrepreneurship and the impact of digital technology on the profession of architecture. We aim to establish a cooperative platform for young architects to share resources, incubate projects, and engage with alternative forms of practice.

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Projects:  The Entrepreneurship Question Event  |   The Entrepreneurship Question Publication  |  Workshop at the GSAPP Incubator  |  Young Architect's Respond  |  Viable Utopias GSAPP Seminar  |  NONSCANDINAVIA  |  Distributed Property  |  Divvy  | Digital Community Development Tool  |  PROfiles  |  Pecha Kucha